Smart Streetlight is a concept designed for energy efficiency and better analytics to reach at a meaningful result. This includes high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Smart StreetLight is the application to achieve maximum benefit by using technology in an efficient way.

At encyphers, we have developed this use case as our primary one for the Smart City to provide the nation with an advantage of saving energy in a better way. Our solution incorporate the hybrid of new technologies, with proper analytics of the data to ensure a better decision making.

Problem which the current streetlight system has:

  • No Status info
  • Needlessly ON
  • No feedback for failure
  • High HR cost
  • No real-time reporting
  • High energy consumption

Features which we propose:

  • Remote Controlling
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time analytics
  • Identify the Faulty light
  • Monitor the energy Consumption
  • Save energy by 25%
  • Smart Authentication
  • Pole-level Reporting
  • Time Schedule ON/OFF
  • Cross Platfrom Solution

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