Traffic congestion caused by vehicle is an alarming problem at a global scale and it has been growing exponentially. Car parking problem is a major contributor and has been, still a major problem with increasing vehicle size in the luxurious segment and confined parking spaces in urban cities. Optimise parking space usage, improve the efficiency of your parking operations and help traffic in your city flow more freely with the next generation of smart parking.

Smart Parking systems typically obtains information about available parking spaces in a particular geographic area and process is real-time to place vehicles at available positions. It involves using low-cost sensors, real-time data collection, and mobile-phone-enabled automated payment systems that allow people to reserve parking in advance or very accurately predict where they will likely find a spot.

Our Solution will enable the following:

  • Accurately predict and sense spot/vehicle occupancy in real-time.
  • Guides residents and visitors to available parking.
  • Optimize Parking Space Usage
  • Simplifies the parking experience and adds value for parking stakeholders, such as drivers and merchants
  • Help traffic in the city flow more freely leveraging IoT technology.
  • Enables intelligent decisions using data, including real–time status applications and historical analytics reports.
  • Better and real time monitoring and managing of available parking space , resulting in significant revenue generation
  • Provides tools to optimize workforce management

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