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We have developed an IoT frame work to meet the rising demand of the smart and intelligent solutions. The problems while developing a smart and remotely accessible solution are directly or indirectly related to the link connecting both the ends. No matter, whatever the solution is being developed, to be a part of this humongous industry, the basic need of being remotely accessible is a challenge.

We have deployed easy to integrate solution addressed to this issue and no matter what system/technology you are using, simply integrate it with the MACLE APIs for IoT solutions and start developing your solution. You will receive a customized solution API for your solution through which you can send and receive data in any form and anywhere in the world.

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Leave everything on us. From handling and developing the hardware for picking up the sensory data from any location, sending it to the server, processing the data over the internet, manipulating it according to the need, accessing it anywhere on the globe and drawing analytical result out of it in any form, we offer to develop everything for your custom demand and build a best solution suited as per your requirements.

We want to make the life of the customers smarter with our solutions. The enterprise strives to dispense the technological solutions to its clients. Working on innovative ideas and doing researches to develop innovative solutions is a culture at enCypher Technologies and this make it always ahead of its competitors. At enCypher Technologies, we would be glad to serve you. We look forward to have a cup of coffee with you.

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