The case is about an internal marketing department of a Human Capital Solutions provider company. The company provides services in the field of Search & Selection, Domestic & International Recruitment, Temporary & Permanent Staffing, Recruitment Process Optimization (RPO), Executive Search and HR Consulting & Training. The company understands the requirements of the clients and based on the services selected by the clients, offers various HR solutions to them. The client has presence over 4 continents and its employees are spread across different countries.
The marketing department wants to increase the reach and visibility of the company in the market for which they have defined a new policy. Each employee has to make a change in the profile picture on the LinkedIn with the logo of different brands/divisions of the company at the background of the picture. The pictures need to be standardized so that the uniformity is maintained. Prior to uploading, each employee needs to take approval from its region’s admin for the picture to be uploaded on the LinkedIn. The admin should be able to suggest changes in the picture and, only after the approval of the admin, the employee should be able to download the picture.
The client desires to have a solution for this use case.

The solution:

The best and worst cases were discussed and solution was provided to the organization.
The web solution, hosted on the intranet of the client, had 3-level user controls and each user will have a separate workspace with the features defined.

  • Users (internal employee of the company).
  • Admin (region’s admin).
  • Super-Admin (Overall admin).

For Users.

  • A Web application where the user can login based on the 2 parameters.
    • Internal email ID.
    • Country/Region.
  • A panel to have a direct access to the chatting area to its regional admin.
  • An instruction slide for the employees hosted on slide-share to define dos and don’ts for the application.
  • Upload the photo to be edited and perform the following operations with the picture.
    • Brightness.
    • Saturation.
    • Contrast.
    • Crop.
    • Insert the logo of the company out of 6 defined.
    • Restricting the size and type of the file uploaded on the application.
    • Restricting the user to place logo only on the second quadrant of the picture.
    • Resizing of the picture.
    • Providing a preview of the picture.
    • Rotation of the picture.
    • Resetting the changes made.
  • The chat area should have an interface to see the current status/case history of the pictures shared with the admin and, if approved, the download button should be visible to the user to download the picture only in a certain format.
  • Logout button.

For Admins

  • Login (made and assigned to a country/region by super admin).
  • Notification zone and chatting area to get all Image requests.
  • Review the Image shared by the employee, suggest any changes, if any, and approve/reject the image.
  • Logout.

For Super Admins

  • Login area. Only two ids are generated to access the Super-Admin area.
  • The Super-admin should be able to add/delete the country/regions.
  • The Super-admin has the authority Add/Remove/Update the Admin(s). (Only one admin per country/region).
  • Reset the password of Admin(s).
  • Logout.