The case is about the educational institute where the institute provide its recorded lecture for the CA aspirants. The videos are sent to its franchise partner so that they could play the recorded video in the coaching center.

This case includes problems and challenges faced during the transfer of the video lecture to the franchisee. The process involves recording the video lectures of the institute, copying it in the hard-drive and transferring the same to the franchisee.

The issues were:

  • The data was being replicated and a parallel market of the same was being established
  • Due to the remote location of the franchisee, the institute was not able to monitor the centre and the number of registered students being reported were less.

Our solution:

A single solution with multiple features was provided to the institute which resulted in the solution for the both the problems. A custom video player was developed for the institute which had the following

  • 512-bit encrypted videos.
  • Anti-Stream Capturing.
  • Made to run only on registered system.
  • Prevent the attaching of multiple video output.
  • Fast Buffering
  • Full HD video.
  • Display device signature security
  • Automatic data corruption after specific time
  • Preventing other software to run in parallel with this software
  • Anti-screen Capturing
  • Built in keyboard blocking utility
  • Video play on the number of counts.
  • Random Watermark security
  • Prevent system’s Date Time changing
  • Real time interaction
  • Expiring player/subscription
  • Login Authentication.
  • And many more….

Full Use Case can be downloaded from here.