This company uses a data back-up software named – Atempo for their data protection and back-up. The data from different end-points like laptop, PCs etc. are stored in the centralized server of the company’s location. The company has its presence across the world.

The software has a limitation of connecting only 1000 end-points per servers. So, for each 1000 end-points a new back-up server was required. The company has the policy to have a separate data back-up server for each of its locations and only one dedicated person was assigned to make a report at the end of each day about the status of the backed up data and the end-points which have been synced to the server. The job of the person was to login in each of the data back-up server and then perform the task. As the number of locations and the staff in the company grew, it become tedious for the person to manage the work.

The client desires to have a solution for this use case.

The solution:

After having thorough reverse engineering of the backup software, the best and worst cases were discussed and solution was provided to the organization.

The client was given an executable file to install on the server and a web application was provided where the following things took place –

  • Status of all the end-points with their respective servers were logged into a single screen.
  • Emailing alerts based on pre-defined criteria like daily status report of back-up, custom reports in case back-up stop working etc.
  • Combined daily reports to the admin for all its nodes including consolidated status.
  • On-demand SMS alert.
  • Mobile based access of dashboard to check and control from anywhere.
  • List of backed up files.

More proposed solution:

Apart from the client’ requirements, following features were also proposed-

  • Remote controlling the activation and deactivation of the backup.
  • Corporate level LDAP integration.
  • Automatic tethering based on available bandwidth.
  • Switching between pre-defined bandwidth allocation based on in-house or remote internet availability.