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Based on Internet of Things industry, enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd. primarily focusses on giving Smart Solutions for Smart Cities. This is where our industry, networks and relationships truly matter to our customers.

According to the product or service selected by customer, enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will primarily focus on giving Smart solutions for Smart Cities based on Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M based solutions. We work on the whole DNA, i.e., Device, Network and Application, umbrella of Internet of Things ecosystem..

enCypher : Three Areas of Expertise

Research Prototyping and Innovation Working on innovative ideas and doing researches to develop innovative solutions is a culture at enCypher Technologies and this make it always ahead of its competitors.

Real time analytical applications World is really in need of getting everything in real-time and necessity is the mother of invention. At enCypher, we try to make life easier by real-time applications which have fastest and never before response time of average 148 micro seconds.

Product/Reverse Engineering We are a bunch of product engineers who know how to do reverse engineering on existing products for research purposes so as to explore new edge of technology and implement the acquired knowledge to engineer new products.

What else enCypher can offer?

We share the ideologies of investing time and money in different domains rather than sticking to one. We decided to enter the markets which require a greater commitment, work out of creativity, challenging situations, long term customer satisfaction. Here is the gist of each one.

Leave your competitors far behind and let google to reach you...

Yes, we can guide google and other search engines to reach you and let you interact with your stakeholders to help your business grow and increase your turnover. At encypher, we have the best ideas to enrich your market exposure with maximum internet engagement with our expert SEO techniques and social interactions to give your ideas a global lead. Real time updations and market trend adjustments will give you edge over others. We would increase your number of hits in the market by providing the best service we could deliver to let you be the best in the market.

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Create your wonders at our wonderland. Just ping us and design for yourself.

Any kind of software development is the ladder to success and we, encyphers, provide strength to the ladder. Fixation and maintenance are the building blocks of any business. Whatever problem in the code it might be, we get it all done for you in shortest period with the best results. Once trusted, we promise to be a solution to every bug problem you face, whether in initial stage or in running stage. At encyphers, we develop various cross platforms applications giving you a larger audience to cover and provide you with an advantage of tapping into greater market potential. Our solutions will incorporate the hybrid of emerging technologies, painstaking and relentless efforts by our team.

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Want to sell something? Come to us, we will give you a shop.

We have an unlimited number of shops. You carry the will to sell something, we will give you the way. “How to sell”, “whom to sell”, “how to target audience” etc leave these worries to us and don’t let these bother you. We will ease the shopping experience; provide your customers a greater satisfaction and give you a great deal of business. Tell us what you need your shop to look like, we will reflect those thoughts.

Explore your space

We are the virtual painters, allow us to paint your virutal world.

Choose out of 16 million colours and colour your shop. We will paint it, provide textures in a compelling way to give you the best exposure. At encypher, with in depth knowledge of latest technologies like bootstrap loader, HTML5, CSS3, Google fonts, we will give you a plethora of options to choose from. You just need to do one thing. PING US.

Select your shades

Time is money and we are offering it to you for free...

We, at encyphers, share the thought of learning by sharing and with this ideology we invite you to discuss your needs with us. With 4 years of on field experience, awareness of various new technologies, we will share the best of our experiences with you to guide you along the way. Invest your time with us and save a lot for tomorrow.

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Is any techie thing bothering you? Come to us we will ease it for you.

Do you carry this curiosity to learn something technical? We had it all sorted out for you. We will provide you with the best training in the simplest terms. From organising workshop to private coaching, we will make you master it all. Come to us, tell us what you wish to learn and we will have it all arranged for you with the best available trainers.

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  • A satisfied customer is what we seek.
  • Reliability and rising to the challenge.
  • Exact fittings and programming guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We build your brand. We build relationships for you.
  • The talent we source is yours, not ours.

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